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Lisette L Designer Yvonne Lamers talks about the spring collection

What is official role/title with Lisette L?

Designer. I am part of a design team; Lucie Benjamin and I are a team that complements each other in terms of our expertise. I am working on a Adobe Illustrator and Excel for technical details; I’m a former pattern maker as well. Lucie was a retail buyer for many years and has a keen retail eye and numbers sense. Together we combine our expertise and bring it to Lisette to build the collection.

What did you do before coming to Lisette L?

I’ve had 35 years of experience in design, ranging from designer buyer for a major Canadian retail chain to designer at Esprit Canada, and 20 years at Ego fashion where I specialized in private label programs for major Canadian retailers inc

luding Costco, Dynamite group, Marie Claire group, Sears and several American retailers. This included overseeing production and quality control in Eastern Europe and Asia, traveling to Europe for style and fabric research.

What makes this years springcollection special?

The collection is the most diverse ever as our retailers have responded so well to our offering of tops and blouses in colors dyed to match our bottom prints. It’s so easy for the customer to complete a wardrobe when we have a top in the perfect shade to match this season’s on trend printed pant.

I know you love every piece but what are a couple of your favorite pieces in this collection?

I love the simplistic elegance of the constellation jacquard pant. It’s black and white, so easy, and of course I usually wear it with black, but sometime I’ll team it with a coral top to make a bright statement or mushroom top to make it neutral. The other piece is our top in the soft sienna jersey with one side-exposed shoulder. I can wear it to work with pants and it’s so elegant. Then I change into our 22-inch length little black skirt for my dinner out, and it’s the look of an edgy classic dress.

Why do you think Lisette L appeals to women from 30-80 years old?

The pull-on pant is easy and comfortable. Once you wear a Lisette L pant, you will not want to go back to a pant with a restricting waistband and zipper. It’s all about comfort.

Over the years you’ve been with Lisette, L what has been the biggest change you’ve seen in the clothing industry and change within Lisette L?

First again I stress comfort. Women now realize they can have comfortable elegance. They can look totally chic in a pull-on pant with the wide variety of novelty fabrics. Also, four years ago the emphasis was on solid color bottoms, now novelty patterns are just as important, and many have become classics.

Is there anything I haven’t asked you that you think readers should know about the your style, designs or Lisette L as a company?

I would say that readers should know that our collection is evolving and expanding each season with more tops and blouses to pair with our bottoms. And our denim collection offers so many of the on-trend design details like pearls and embroideries, in high quality European stretch denims fabrics and the classic Lisette L fit.

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