Are You Ready For a “Mindful Triathlon?”

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Wanderlust is a global yoga lifestyle company, offering events such as yoga classes and music festivals, Wanderlust TV, and even a 10,000-square-foot yoga and meditation experience in Los Angeles.

This spring, the company is bringing “Wanderlust 108,” a one-day “mindful triathlon,” to Dix Park. “The mission is to help you find your true north and to be your best self,” says Wanderlust director of publicity Kim Small. “This means promoting personal practice—yoga, meditation or other mindful/focused activities to maintain calm, focus and clarity, and eating food locally, organically, ethically.”


5K Run: It’s done your way–run, walk, prance, skip, stroll or strut—just make it to the finish line. Photo by Tyler Leiby

Yoga: 90 minutes of yoga flow is underscored by a DJ. Whether you’re a yoga pro or a newbie, you’ll find your rhythm. Photo by Leah Overstreet

Meditate: A 30-minute long, guided meditation to clear your mind, relax your body and complete the mindful triathlon. Photo by Leah Overstreet

Wanderlust 108 offers a variety of ticket types. If you just want to do yoga and meditate, there’s a ticket for that. If you want the full Wanderlust VIP experience, you can do that, too. Choose your own adventure. Namaste! 

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