Beach Bound

Robin Piccone Suit, $160; South Moon Under

What may have felt like the longest winter  North Carolina has ever experienced is finally over, and that means it’s time for beach weekends, pool parties and a plethora of other outdoor festivities in between. Gear up for summer with trendy one-pieces, cover-ups and beach bags, ensuring you’re prepared for any hurdle Mother Nature might throw at you.

Lovestitch controversial patch tote, $118; Uniquities
Pianillo maxi dress, $175; Uniquities 
Kenneth Cole suit, $110; South Moon Under


Carmen Sol rubber Italian tote, $165; Main & Taylor
Buddy Love North Shore palm print dress, $80; Copper Penny
Becca indigo suit, $120; South Moon Under
Miss June Coco top, $165, Lori + Lulu
Straw Beach bag, $88; Madison
La Blanca suit, $122; South Moon Under
Lovestitch double diamond tote, $128; Uniquities
Miss June Louisa modal dress, $185; Lori + Lulu
Nanette Lepore suit, $158; South Moon Under
Mudpie Presley pom pom coverup, $42; Affordable Chic
Jessica Allen Jets Bahama plunge-V suit, $178; Uniquities
Billabong, $64; South Moon Under
Lovestitch Fifi lace-up tunic, $69; Madison

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