Fancy a Fry?

French fries are one of those classic American comfort foods known to give rise to insatiable cravings. With their simple but almost drug-like allure, it’s hard to pass them up as a side order at one of the many restaurants that have fries on the menu here in Raleigh and, due to the diverse food scene we’re so fortunate to partake in, there’s no shortage of fry styles and flavors to choose from. We’ve got everything from the traditional hand cuts at Chuck’s to the lavish truffle-covered frites at Coquette, along with addictive favorites like the twice-fried, extra crispy French fries at Clouds Brewing that may just have you ordering seconds, or even thirds. We asked our social media followers to name their favorite French fry spots and compiled a list of some of the best and most unique places to get a fried food fix. We also threw in a couple favorites of our own. Be sure to celebrate Raleigh’s exceptional fry selection on July 13, National French Fry Day, by heading to one, some, or all, of these noteworthy friteries.

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