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“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is honoring its onstage roots in a live production at Cary’s Koka Booth Amphitheatre. Outside, under the stars and just before Halloween, audiences can expect to be chilled, thrilled and fulfilled with this rock musical-slash-science-fiction horror comedy.

Frank, Brad, Janet, Magenta and Riff-Raff, played by YouTube sensation Penn Holderness, will take the stage for two nights only, along with the rest of a very talented cast.

“Seriously, the cast is amazing!” says producing artistic director and Broadway veteran Lauren Kennedy Brady. “We have some of the funniest actors around and killer singers. Plus, we have Abbey O’Brien directing the production.”

O’Brien is fresh off of working on “Jagged Little Pill,” the Broadway-bound musical based on Alanis Morissette’s music. She worked on “Waitress” on Broadway recently, as well.

After last year’s successful production of “Rock of Ages” at Koka Booth, Theatre Raleigh was eager to team up with the venue for another production this year.

“‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ struck us like a lightning bolt, right when we are about to give up on ideas,” Brady says. “To me, when you’re picking a show to do in a venue like the Booth, it has to feel right.  It has to be the right experience. And I think ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ is perfect.”

Fans of “Rocky Horror” know that the experience goes beyond quietly watching a show from their seats. Dressing up, shouting at the screen and throwing objects are all part of the fun. To encourage these traditions, the theater will be selling “Fun Packs” for an additional $5; they’ll contain everything you’ll need to participate, from toast to water guns to rubber gloves.

For those unfamiliar with all that “Rocky Horror” entails, have no fear. “Virgins,” or first-time Rocky Horror participants, aren’t expected to know anything.

“No one will razz you or belittle you,” says Brady. “As a matter of fact, we’ll have experienced diehards scattered about to help those who feel in the dark. And we are hoping to have the callback lines up on a big screen.” Callback lines are the phrases audience members shout back at the screen or stage during specifically scripted moments.

Koka Booth isn’t merely playing the movie on a big screen with a shadow cast in front of it. Instead, the production will feature an elaborate set, a live, six-piece band and 15 actors singing and dancing their hearts out.

“We’re going to create an experience that the Triangle area will not soon forget!” Brady says.

To purchase tickets, visit Reserved seats are $35 and lawn seats are $22.50.

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