Prosecco Passion

In December 2018 / January 2019, Feature Stories by Raleigh Magazine

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For those who love a bubbly beverage, Prosecco is well on its way to overtaking Champagne as the most popular imbiber’s choice. A variation on sparkling wine, made from Glera grapes and hailing from Veneto, Italy, Prosecco has left the once dominant Champagne region of France shaking in its boots.

So what is it that has made this bubbly so well loved? A few things:

1. The price: Prosecco is cheaper than Champagne, which of course plays a role in its popularity. Its fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, making it less expensive to produce than Champagne, which is produced and aged via a complex, time consuming and highly regulated traditional method.

2. Easy drinking: Prosecco has a light and fruity taste, making it very easy to sip on, and refreshing in its simplicity. It doesn’t have the nutty or bready characteristics of Champagne as it isn’t aged as long, and its bubbles are typically bigger and more spritzy. 

3. Great for newcomers: Its lower price tag and light flavor make Prosecco an ideal choice for newcomers to sparkling wine, or the younger drinker who often has fewer pre-conceived notions of what bubbly should be like. It’s also very easy to find at bars and restaurants.

4. Just as festive: As Prosecco has become more popular, it’s started to replace Champagne as a standard celebratory drink. It has also become a wine of choice to accompany everyday occasions, too.

5. Not overly fancy: Prosecco is associated less with opulence and glamour and has more of the down to earth feel of a drink that can be enjoyed whenever the mood strikes—but its delightful bubbly-ness does, at the same time, lend a touch of luxury to any situation.

Here’s where you can enjoy a glass or two of good Prosecco in Raleigh

Angus Barn

Bida Manda


Caffé Luna

Capital Club 16


The Haymaker


Irregardless Café

Level 7



Second Empire

The Umstead


Vinos Finos y Picadas

Vita Vite


Whiskey Kitchen

Winston’s Grille

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