Glossy with Success

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At 16, most of us are excited about getting our driver’s licenses and making plans for after high school. But Ravenscroft High School student Arica Scott has bigger things on her mind—namely, the launch of her second collection of lip glosses for her business, So Glossy.

At 15, Scott started making her own lip glosses and decided to sell them to girls like her who wanted a product that would feel good to apply and that would wear well throughout the day.

“My main thing was on the feeling,” Scott says. Lip gloss should feel thick, but not too thick, glossy but not too sticky, weightless, and, if it was a glitter look, she wanted none of that gritty glitter texture. The launch of a matte collection last month brought seven more lip gloss colors and styles to Scott’s So Glossy online catalog.

At first, Scott hoped to make and test all her own products herself. But, she found, balancing her sophomore and junior years of high school—the hardest years, she says—meant it was best for her to use a manufacturer.

Now, a manufacturer sends Scott different formulas for the lip glosses, each taking about a month to perfect. Then, after Scott tests and approves them, she starts sourcing colors for the collection. For both her first collection and the new matte one, Scott says she went through at least seven different formulas. Next, Scott chooses her lip gloss names around an overall theme. Her first collection contained five glosses, including #Goals, Icy Girl and Mad Hater. The Matte collection has seven glosses, including Barbie Tingz, Bad and Boujee, and Dreamville.

“The first collection’s overall theme was things I wanted my brand to be like,” Scott says. “This collection is songs.”

Throughout the process, Scott promotes her products on social media. Her mother helps her from time to time with the business side of things, and most of So Glossy’s sales come from social media, word of mouth and occasional pop-up events. Scott personally packages all orders using pink bubble wrap and she includes small gifts, such as stickers, with purchases. If you order two glosses, you get a So Glossy mirror.

So Glossy’s success has taught Scott how to evolve a brand. “You have to constantly think about ways you can keep promoting your product,” she says. “Sometimes you just have to do things out of your comfort zone because sometimes those are the things that work and take you further in life.”

Scott says her pre-college business world exposure is a step ahead for her future. “This was a good thing to do at my age,” Scott says. “I get to motivate people, especially girls. A lot of people think you can’t handle it at this age. But you can.”

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