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How did you decide to start a CBD business?

In 2016, I found myself living a comfortable, stagnant life. I woke up one morning and made the decision to leave it all behind. I kissed my six-year corporate finance career in Raleigh goodbye, sold most possessions and bought a plane ticket to Hawaii. In paradise by the sea, I found joy again, becoming a dive master before heading to South Lake Tahoe, where I spent the winter snowboarding and serving cocktails in Harrah’s Casino. I began using CBD oil and balm to aid in muscle recovery, encourage quality sleep and alleviate inflammation, noticing its ability to reduce my stress and anxiety. My mother expressed an interest in CBD for her arthritis, and reservations about knowing so little of a socially stigmatized product; I saw a space for an approachable, relatable brand with a feminine voice, face and touch, built on a foundation of education and advocacy. In 2018, I came back to Raleigh, where I’m bringing my dream of Love Always, Liz CBD Oil to life.

What products do you offer?

Love Always, Liz CBD Oil currently offers 600, 900 and 1200 mg. full-spectrum CBD oils, which all come in 1 oz. bottles accompanied with child resistant, tamper evident droppers with graduated markings for precise dosing. Love Always, Liz uses organic, non-GMO, gluten-free oils derived from sun-grown Colorado hemp, absent of pesticides, solvents and alcohol, and combined with MCT coconut oil for easy digestion and positive health benefits.

What makes your product different from other CBD oils?

Because CBD is relatively new, it’s important to make sure you’re buying a quality product from a regulated, third party-tested source. Currently, four states mandate regulation on CBD manufacturing: Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and Washington. Because Love Always, Liz oils are produced in Colorado, they adhere to strict regulatory manufacturing on our GMP-certified farm and all inventory is sent to a Durham-based laboratory, Avazyme, for third party batch testing. Because CBD is still so new and emerging, companies are charging what they want for their CBD products simply because they can, and the consumer doesn’t know better. Because I feel self care should be affordable and ongoing, I price our products comparatively less than the current market average.

Who uses Love Always, Liz CBD Oils?

The thing I love about CBD is the wide array of people who benefit: the grandfather who had a hip replacement, the new mother battling postpartum depression, the combat veteran suffering from PTSD and insomnia, the epileptic child plagued with seizures, the young college student overwhelmed with final exams, the family dog who cowers during thunderstorms, the athlete recovering from a torn ACL, the patient diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and the millions of Americans who suffer from mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. I could keep going. No matter how mild or severe a person’s ailments are, CBD is a potential alternative, holistic medicine.

What other products are in the works?

Our next product, slated to launch in August 2019, will be a topical CBD balm.

Anything else readers should know?

My dream of Love Always, Liz CBD Oil was born and grew wings during my time in Hawaii. “Makai” in Hawaiian means “to the sea,” and I have always found myself on a trajectory pointed towards the ocean. Regardless of your life and geographical location, we want everyone to feel as though they are headed makai. Love Always, Liz CBD Oil donates $1 of every bottle purchased to the Surfrider Foundation, a nonprofit environmental organization that’s dedicated to protecting and preserving oceans and beaches.

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