WeWork Comes to Raleigh

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WeWork, the trendy collaborative office space provider with locations in Durham, Charlotte, Washington D.C. and more across the globe, will open new offices in downtown Raleigh’s One Glenwood building this summer. With glass walls allowing in plenty of natural light, an outdoor balcony and creative attention to detail, we definitely wouldn’t mind working in these offices! The coworking space, the company’s first location in Raleigh, will comprise three floors of the One Glenwood building, and will offer plenty of practical touches, including meeting rooms, tables, couches, stools and even daybeds to create one of the most comfortable working environments you can find outside your own home.

Alyssa Botts, a public affairs manager at WeWork, says the idea driving the space was to provide a large communal area, similar to a university library, “but in a fun, playful, innovative way.” Unique graphics and art pieces decorate the modern, white-painted walls, while woven textiles, colorful upholstery and patterned, Moroccan-style rugs will be common to all three floors. An internal, interconnecting staircase will promote connectivity between members and levels; it’s “a beautiful feature that is both light and whimsical, as well as sculptural, within the space,” Botts says.

For more information, visit wework.com/buildings/one-glenwood–raleigh-durham

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