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What an exciting ride it was. Coach Rod Brind’Amour’s first season leading the Carolina Hurricanes defied expectations as he guided the team through three action-packed rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs. These Raleigh sportscasters had a front row seat to all the action and here, they recount the most noteworthy ‘Canes moments that will surely live on, even though our beloved bunch of jerks is no longer playing for the Cup. To the players, we say thanks for all the memories!

Mark Armstrong, ABC 11

The best moment for me remains the buildup to Game 3 of the Capitals series. The parking lots filled once again with tailgaters, the anticipation and excitement so palpable. Once inside, the wall of sound as Canes fans unleashed 10 years’ worth of dedication and frustration into the air. It was like a great burden was lifted from an entire fan base and franchise. That the game wound up 5-0 and everyone got to party for two and half hours was pretty great as well.

Todd “Gibby” Gibson, CBS 17

To me, the most exciting thing has come off the ice, just seeing the pure joy on the faces of Canes fans. With each home win the team is attracting more and more fans and that is great to see. I’m hoping this run fuels the youth movement to the game in our area like it did back in 2006. As a reporter I’ve covered national championship games, a Super Bowl, multiple US Opens, and the Stanley Cup playoffs rates up there with any of those. This is the Hurricanes’ time to once again become relevant and the ride has been a fun one.

Mary Dunleavy, WRAL

My favorite moment was Game 3 against the Capitals. It was the first time the Hurricanes returned to home ice during the playoffs. My ears were ringing PNC was so loud. Fans were screaming in my ear and I didn’t care because I knew Raleigh was rallying around the Canes. It’s been a fun ride ever since. My favorite thing to ask the players about is home ice advantage. Raleigh definitely came to play this year.

Jeff Jones, CBS 17

Following the Hurricanes this season has been filled with memorable moments—this team really is one of the closest groups I’ve ever covered. They have told me time and time how much they genuinely like each other, and you can see that in the way they play—that quality helped them overachieve late in the season. 

Another awesome aspect of covering this team has been watching the community rally. To be around 19,000 screaming fans in PNC Arena is an amazing experience, and the team’s success created that—well, their success and Hamilton the Pig. 

I believe the entire state is excited about what the future holds for this team, and I’m excited to tell their stories to our community. 

Arran Andersen, CBS17

No NHL venue can hold a candle to PNC Arena in the postseason. However, my most exciting moment came inside the CBS17 studio. I was anchoring the night the Hurricanes and Capitals met in Game 7. The game went to Double OT, which meant it wasn’t over when I started my sportscast. I was reading highlights, while our News Team, was gathered in the Weather Center watching the game. They kept me posted and I promised our viewers an update.

Brock McGinn scored. I heard a roar from our control room and my producer told me, through my ear piece, that the Canes had won. I honestly don’t know what came out of my mouth, but I’ll never forget the reaction from fans gathered at a watch party in Glenwood South. We immediately took a live shot of their celebration. 

In the middle of the mayhem and madness our photographer zoomed in on a father and son hugging, while crying tears of joy. It was an incredible moment. At that point there was no need for words, their raw emotion said it all. To this day I get goosebumps thinking about it.

Jeff Gravley, WRAL

Being in the playoff atmosphere at PNC Arena just makes me smile. I have missed the unique experience of being surrounded by towel-waving fans who raise such a ruckus that my ears hurt and the hair stands up on the back of my neck. If you attend a game and don’t get chills, something is wrong. You don’t have to be a hockey fan to enjoy the vibes generated by a Carolina Hurricanes playoff run.

Joe Mazur, ABC 11

The most exciting moment for me so far was covering Game 7 in Washington. There is nothing like the drama of a playoff Game 7 seven in any sport. In hockey you can feel the massive amount of energy in the building and it’s on another level. You’re concentrating on the action and holding your breath knowing that any play can be the difference in the season continuing or ending. Man, how I missed that edge-of-your-seat excitement.

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