Sizzling Summer Neighborhoods

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SPONSORED CONTENT BY OPENDOOR Summer is here in Raleigh, and with it, the busiest home buying and selling season of the year. Most cities see an uptick in moves between May and August, which makes sense for a number of reasons — who wants to move in the winter, or relocate a family mid-school year?

Whether you’re seriously considering buying or selling this season, or just testing the waters, knowledge is power.

Knowing the value of your current home helps you understand what you can afford in your next home. Knowing where buyer interest is high, helps you better price your home from the start. So where is demand the hottest here in Raleigh right now? Local real estate company Opendoor crunched the numbers from the first few months of 2019, down to the zip code level, to show the areas that are seeing the highest interest with potential buyers.

So who’s getting the most foot traffic? The Heritage area (27587) comes in at #1 with potential buyers. Preston (27513), Summerdale (27526), Highland Creek (27616), and Wakefield (27614) round out the top 5.

Opendoor prides itself in providing a simpler way to buy, sell or even trade in a home here in the Raleigh-Durham area. For sellers, you can get an all cash offer on your eligible home in 24 hours. No listing, no showings, no leaving for open houses. For buyers, every for-sale Opendoor home is available 7 days a week from 6am-9pm, no appointment necessary. Simply use the Opendoor app as your key at the front door for a self-guided tour.

Sounds a lot easier than the grinding, uncertain real estate process we’ve come to know. How would you rather spend your summer months: prepping your home for sale, keeping it picture perfect as though its unlived in, leaving at a moment’s notice for an open house, waiting for an offer, and hoping it doesn’t fall through? Or selling to Opendoor on your timeline so you can get into your new home and relax on your new patio?

Get an offer on your existing home today at or download the Opendoor app to browse available listings in your neighborhood.

Opendoor House App
Opendoor House App

Opendoor Data Methodology: Top ZIP codes are defined as those that saw the most interest and actual in-home visits from prospective buyers during the first three months of 2019, without adjusting for the size of the ZIP code. Home shoppers who visit a listed Opendoor home unlock the front door with our app, providing anonymous insights like volume of visits and home buyer interest in particular ZIP codes.

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