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Everyone loves ordering something online and having it show up at their front door. The convenience of shopping without driving anywhere makes these on-demand services so appealing. Packages, flowers, pizza; the possibilities are endless. So what about a yoga instructor?

Co-founders Wes Lippman and Adam Spisak launched their Triangle-based yoga brand, Fytte, in January. Fytte allows customers to choose the location of their yoga session, whether at the workplace, a public park or in their own home. “Many people aren’t comfortable in a traditional studio environment,” Spisak says. The idea is to find a time and place that works for the client without sacrificing the expertise of high-quality instructors.

Lippman and Spisak have called Raleigh home for a combined 14 years, so there was no question for them that the area would be the perfect place to launch their business. “It’s no surprise that our region is consistently recognized as a top location to live, work and play,” Spisak says. Fytte’s refreshing approach to exercise has given Triangle residents another reason to appreciate what it has offer.

Booking a session works a lot like online shopping. After choosing between a group or individual session, customers fill in their information and pay. Most importantly, a question-and-answer section pairs yogis with an instructor, sort of like a match.com for yoga practitioners.

“The matching equation works on both sides,” Lippman explains. By not displaying instructor profiles online, the match focuses on the yoga need and instruction rather than matching based on how the instructor looks. This allows both the customer and instructor to get the most out of an individual session.

Yoga lovers all over the Triangle have been using the service, but Fytte isn’t just for consistent yoga practitioners. In fact, a large portion of its customers are relatively new to their yoga journeys. Fytte is also available for after school programs and other youth groups. These sessions are tailored to kids and teach them how to stay active in a fun group setting.

One of Fytte’s pillars is how face-to-face communication strengthens a workout experience. Online streaming services can fill a similar niche but Fytte’s co-founders believe there’s nothing that can take the place of human interaction. “Something as simple as ‘square your hips’ can prevent injury and contribute to the true practitioner learning experience,” Spisak explains. “And that’s something you won’t get from a streaming service.”

Because the service invites an instructor into a client’s home, safety is of utmost importance to the co-founders. Before they’re hired, all instructors go through national and state criminal background checks and participate in multiple face-to-face interviews. Instructors conduct pre-session phone calls with clients to familiarize the parties with one another and instructor/client feedback is closely monitored. If a customer is still apprehensive, they can always choose to meet in a public place.

Lippman and Spisak say they appreciate the benefits yoga has for them and, in the process of creating their business, they’ve noticed diversity in what fitness and wellness has come to look like. Exercise is no longer just going to the gym or for a solitary run; instead, it’s using technology to pair convenience with expertise and accessibility.

For more information or to book a session, visit fytte.io

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