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Lisette L for InterAct's Holiday Bazaar boutique
Lisette L for InterAct's Holiday Bazaar boutique

They say confidence comes from within, but Lisette Limoges of Lisette L, a Canadian-based clothing brand, believes that it helps to feel good on the outside, too. That’s why Limoges is donating 300 items to InterAct of Wake County, a nonprofit that provides services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, for a boutique shopping experience during InterAct’s annual Holiday Bazaar. “Confidence can help [people] achieve things that they might not do if they don’t feel good,” says Limoges. Women who participate in InterAct’s residential domestic violence program have been through a lot, so the event gives them the chance to treat themselves with stylish clothes. Allison Strickland, InterAct’s chief development officer, says many of the women who come to them are starting from scratch, sometimes with only a small suitcase and the clothes on their backs. “We’re working with them to meet their goals, whatever they might be; employment, going back to school,” says Strickland. “We want to make them feel on the outside how we hope they feel on the inside.”

Lisette Limoges
Lisette Limoges

Limoges will donate a variety of sizes, styles and colors of her jeans, as well as blouses and tops, so women of all shapes and ages can find something they like and will feel confident in. The fashion designer has a reputation for incorporating a charitable component into many of the events she participates in all over the world through her brand. “I’m lucky to have a successful company, and for me, the way to give back is to give to women because women are the ones buying my pants,” says Limoges. “I find that it’s always good to give.” InterAct is particularly close to her heart, she says, and she has long supported its mission as the main provider of services for victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Wake County. The nonprofit offers three 24-hour crisis lines, counseling, case management, professional training and a violence prevention curriculum for grades 3-12 in Wake County Public Schools.

Strickland says the Holiday Bazaar event on December 14 is one of the “joyous occasions” at InterAct. Not only do women get to pick out a designer-label outfit, they also get to shop for donated holiday toys and gifts for their children. “It feels incredible to be able to support these families during [the holidays],” says Strickland. “A time where our community rallies around the families that InterAct serves—that is a wonderful thing to see.”

View InterAct’s 2019 Holiday Bazaar gift suggestion guide and make a donation at interactofwake.org.

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