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Dashing Dinnerware

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Elevate meal times with Haand’s beautiful, handmade porcelain pottery crafted by a team of 15 skilled potters located just outside of Burlington. Haand specializes in dinnerware made from a mold and slip casting method as opposed to using a wheel. The company’s collections include bowls, cups, plates and other serving accessories in a variety of colors. Haand was founded by two friends, Mark Warren and Chris Pence, who met in high school in Jacksonville, Florida. Pence, now Haand’s CEO, practiced pottery throughout high school and went on to study business and accounting in college; creative director Warren attended the Penland School of Crafts, where he was introduced to ceramics and slip casting in a class taught by the renowned potter and artist Tom Spleth. In 2012, the duo reunited to launch Haand, initially operating out of a rundown farmhouse outside of Durham and selling products at gift shows and craft fairs. This fall, Warren and Pence opened a new, 13,000-square-foot factory in a former hosiery mill in downtown Burlington. The space is equipped with a stunning showroom and shelves upon shelves of colorful pieces of pottery. In the Triangle, find Haand’s one-of-a-kind pieces on tables in Death & Taxes and The Durham Hotel. haand.us

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