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Just like your favorite chocolatey dessert, brown accessories bring an alluring sweetness to your home. Brown walls are bold but neutral, the perfect paint color as a backdrop for colorful interior decorations.

1. Brown glass vase, $19.95; Zest Cafe & Home Art
2. Two’s Company wooden frame, $29.95; Zest Cafe & Home Art
3. Wooden “give thanks” trivet, $14.95; Zest Cafe & Home Art
4. Votivo red currant candle, $36; For Your Convenience
5.“Dix Park Sunflowers” by Deb Hauser, $220; For Your Convenience
6. “Are You A Miserable Old Bastard?” by Andrew John and Stephen Blake, $12.95; The Shops at 1700
7. Dough bowl, $29.95; Inspirations
8. Banka brown frame, $34.95; The Shops at 1700
9. Brown pottery, $69.95; Inspirations
10. Wood wine rack, $59.95; The Shops at 1700
11. Brown twine orb, $6; Awesome Abode glass sphere, $14.50; Inspirations
12. Brown pillow, $49.95; Inspirations

Chocolate Brown is much more flattering to adjacent colors than deeper browns because it feels so much milder in tone. I also love to eat chocolate so the name draws me to this brown every time! 

— Tula Summerford, Design by Tula,

Auberge (Benjamin Moore 2106-20) is a rich brown that would make a beautiful, romantic and cozy master bedroom. Pair it with creamy white accents for a knockout look. Auberge also acts as a beautiful background for your artwork and accessories. 

— Carole Marcotte, The Shops at 1700

My favorite shade of Chocolate brown is Chocolate Truffle 2096-20 by Benjamin Moore. If you are considering using a Chocolate Brown, I say go for it because I like my browns to look rich! You can use a brown paint in a contemporary or traditional home. You can use browns with pink and turquoise accents or use bright white and neutrals for a sleeker look.

— Julie Flournoy, For Your Convenience Gifts and Accessories

Our favorite chocolate brown is SW Black Bean! I once was inspired by Miles Redd and painted an entire room of bold stripes in this shade! It pairs beautifully with cream or Hermès orange. 

—Brittany Roux, Roux MacNeill,

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