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Writer Tracy Jones test drives trampolining. 

Since Raleigh Magazine’s new exercise series dictates that I try a new type of class each month, I decided to do something out of the box for the holiday issue. I loved trampolines as a kid and I like the vibe of a group workout class. Megatramp puts the two together. 

Combine the choreography of step aerobics, the intensity of spin class and the carefree fun of jumping on a trampoline and you get Megatramp. It’s a nonstop workout routine that literally keeps you jumping while slowly adding movements until you’ve cycled through an entire routine by the end of class.

“It is sneaky cardio,” says Alicia Belle, owner of Mega, Raleigh’s first Lagree Fitness Studio. “It’s full body toning, something choreographed but not so difficult that you can’t follow along. It is a progression. You’re going to move a lot, sweat a lot and laugh a lot. It is a way to get in your cardio at super low impact and not have to hit the treadmill to get the benefits.”

I must admit that I was a little bit nervous. I took this class two weeks before a scheduled half-marathon and I was terrified of injury. Also, even though I played a lot of tennis in my youth, I am still fairly uncoordinated. Pony kicks and leg lifts while also bouncing on a small trampoline in a semi-dark room seemed like a sprained ankle waiting to happen. While I was pretty much off-sync the entire time, I am happy to report that I did not fall and made it through the class intact. 

The class starts off slowly with jumping and simple moves and builds upon itself as it continues. The good news is that no matter how off you are on the choreography, no one is paying attention because they are so intently focused on their own jumping and following the instructor. 

Mega opened earlier this year at 2330 Bale St. (Suite 104) and has gotten a lot of positive feedback. It’s unique, fun and definitely burns calories.

“People really love it,” says Belle. “The first class can be a lot to think about. People feel uncoordinated and try to get their footing on how to move on a trampoline. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Just hop around. You may not be on beat but you’ll get a really good workout. The second time, you see something click with people and it’s really gratifying when you get the routine.”

Mega also offers a Megaformer class, which is like Pilates on steroids (I’ll save that one for a future report). 

Know of any workouts you’d like Tracy to test drive? Email us or let us know on social media!

Benefits of Megatramp from Alicia Belle

• Not only does jumping on the trampoline boost lymphatic drainage, build endurance and coordination, but it is also a great alternative to running or jogging. One tramp class = running for an hour.

• This workout creates stronger, more toned thighs, buttocks and glutes. And you don’t have to worry about putting too much strain on your lower body, since jumping on a trampoline is super low-impact, taking the pressure off your knees and ankles.

• Tramp classes strengthen your core and pelvic floor. Just bouncing for 15-20 minutes per day will activate and tone your pelvic floor, helping with bladder control and stabilization through your hip joints. The entire core is engaged, not just your abdominal muscles, protecting your spine and lower back. Basically, when you’re jumping up and down, your spinal muscles contract to keep your back stable and straight, and this in turn helps to strengthen your back muscles. Focusing on your entire core is an important component of any well-rounded fitness regimen!

• BONUS: Jumping releases endorphins so you’ll leave class feeling great and in a good mood all day long!

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