Making Masks for Front Line Workers

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Raleigh Denim is supplying hand-sewn filtration masks to essential employees.

WEB EXCLUSIVE As the number of coronavirus cases in North Carolina continues to climb, local businesses are dedicating their time, resources and production facilities to do what they can to help out.

Last week, Raleigh Denim sourced 230 yards of medical-grade Burlington Barrier Maxima AT breathable material to produce durable face masks at the company’s Raleigh workshop.

“I was feeling really sad and scared about the state of the world and was wondering what we could do to help,” says Raleigh Denim co-founder and designer Victor Lytvinenko. “I posted that question to Instagram and the response was overwhelming.”

After Lytvinenko spent a few days researching the best fabrics to use for the masks, he settled on one that’s commonly used in protective medical uniforms in hospitals and is washable for up to 75 washes. Raleigh Denim quickly sold 100 small and 100 large masks for $20 apiece to cover the costs of production.

For every mask sold through its website, Raleigh Denim is donating two masks to health care workers, nurses, grocery store cashiers, mail carriers and delivery drivers to help keep them safe.

Check out Raleigh Denim’s website for a link to the face mask templates so you can make the masks at home.

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