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Plant A Row, Give A Meal

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When you’re planting your garden this fall, consider adding a row to help feed families in need. Plant a Row for the Hungry is a national program that encourages gardeners and community groups to donate produce to those at risk of hunger.

Logan’s Garden Shop, a nursery in Seaboard Station, got involved with the program 12 years ago to inspire locals with green thumbs to help fight food insecurity through gardening.

“The Logan family saw a need in our community and had a strong desire to help feed families that were struggling to get fresh produce on their tables,” says Joy Sweeney, the store’s project manager.

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, a nonprofit that distributes food to low-income families in seven North Carolina counties, is the local affiliate for Plant a Row. Logan’s partnered with the Food Shuttle to take donations and spread the word.

“Logan’s has been an incredible partner of ours,” says Katie Murray, the development relations manager at Inter-Faith. “They have provided an immense amount of support for our garden education programming.” 

Logan’s collects donations from families, community groups and churches. Inter-Faith distributes the produce through several of its programs, including the Mobile Market, a temporary food bank that travels to people in need and allows them to shop for free. 

One pound of produce can supplement four meals, so 25,000 pounds collected rounds out to 100,000 meals with fresh vegetables and fruit.

Logan’s encourages gardeners with any level of experience to stop by and impresses on parents the value in teaching their children the joys of gardening and the importance of helping others.

This year, individuals can pick up Logan’s starter kits of compost, soil, fertilizer samples and other supplies through an online sign-up and drive through pick-up. Go to logantrd.com/plant-a-row to let their team know what you would like to grow and whether you’ll be growing in containers, raised beds or in the ground. Then, when they’ve put your starter kit together, you’ll receive an email letting you know you can pick it up. Once harvest time comes, Logan’s hopes you’ll return some of your produce to the store’s drive-through area for the Inter Faith Food Shuttle to pick up and distribute.

“There’s never been a better time to consider your neighbors in need, and Logan’s is here to help us grow as a community in sharing love with one another,” says Leslie Logan, Logan’s general manager. “Join the movement and sow seeds of generosity this spring!”

Logan’s is located at 707 Semart Drive. Learn more at logantrd.com or follow them on social media.

This is an updated version of a story that ran in Raleigh Magazine’s April 2019 issue.

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