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WEB EXCLUSIVE Now, more so than ever, it’s important to keep things clean, from your hands to your work surfaces—whether at home or in an office—to the shopping carts you use at the grocery store. Which is why locally-owned business Happy Cans is now offering its dumpster and trash bin cleaning services to stores to disinfect their shopping carts and help mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19. 

Started in 2019 in Fuquay Varina, Happy Cans specializes in disinfecting and sanitizing dumpsters and trash bins at hotels, restaurants and apartment complexes around the Triangle. The cleaning process involves using 360-degree cleaning heads to remove dirt and debris from nooks and crannies and blasting the containers with 200-degree pressurized water. According to research from co-owner Dan Preisach, 200-degree temperature water is 99 percent effective in getting rid of bacteria, germs and, yes, even, potentially, coronavirus. 

Happy Cans sales representative Caroline Reed says that solely wiping down shopping carts with disinfectant wipes before and after each visit to the grocery store isn’t enough to protect customers from transmitting coronavirus. Most of the time, customers only wipe down the handles and forget about the flip-up child seats and baskets where food goes. Happy Cans’ service would power wash each cart individually, ensuring all sides and angles are disinfected. 

“I feel like the places that people are running out to—their biggest need is food—it’s almost a duty of theirs to keep the community safe,” Reed says. “I think that by power washing and disinfecting these carts, the very thing these people touch, would be a huge step in the right direction. We’re just trying to help out the community and safe guard as much as we can.”Happy Cans charges 80 cents per cart and $10 per corral. The service can also be used to disinfect playgrounds. For more information and to request services, visit

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