A Sneak Peek at Some June Stories

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WEB EXCLUSIVE The June issue of Raleigh Magazine will be on stands around town and delivered to your doors in just a few days! If you can’t wait until then, here’s a quick look at some of the stories we have in store.

400H on the corners of Hillsborough and West streets

Reshaping Raleigh
Other local industries have seen business slow in the wake of the coronavirus shutdown, but one market seems, so far, to be relatively unaffected: commercial real estate in Raleigh is still booming. From newly emerging hotels to mixed use towers, the city’s skyline is on track to look rather different, rather soon. Even Dix Park, which won’t see an infusion of tax money from a parks bond this year, will forge ahead with early designs. We bring you the scoop on some exciting local projects.

Face Masks 101
Like it or not, they’re likely going to be an important part of our lives as we venture back out into the world again. We’re talking, of course, about the face mask. We spoke to local public health experts to help us break down the science and etiquette behind the mask: how you should wear one and when, where and what kind. As Gov. Cooper says, wearing a face covering shows you care about other people’s health; to us, that sounds like a pretty good reason to mask up.

Jalapeño Popper Showstopper at The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar

Bring on the Burgers
Fire up the grill, folks! We asked local burger restaurants to share the recipes for some of their most popular burgers and they’ve more than delivered. If you’re hankering for the heat of Cowfish’s Jalapeño Popper Showstopper or a novel take on the Wendy’s Baconator—the Baconmaster—from the fine folk at Cary’s Gov’t Cheeseburger, we’ve got you covered. Spread some homemade CowBar Raged Bull hot sauce, Mandolin onion marmalade or MoJoe’s salsa verde on a couple of buns and you’re ready to roll into summer.

Reopening Raleigh
North Carolina is in the second phase of reopening its economy following the shutdown and it looks a lot different out there for businesses, offices, gathering places and schools. Workers are wearing face masks, intense cleaning practices are in place, social distancing is being enforced; we take a comprehensive look at how industries are changing their operations, from lecture halls to restaurant dining rooms, churches to concert venues, museums to salons, bars to boutiques in an effort to help you navigate the “new normal.”

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