Magic Pixie Dust

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While most of us are sleeping through the late night and into the wee hours of the morning, Nicole Ajello is doing what she describes as “sprinkling magic pixie dust.” Ajello owns The Yard Fairy, a business that delivers personalized lawn greetings for everything from birthdays to graduations to first days of school to even divorce celebrations. The goal is to surprise the message receiver upon waking. “Growing up, my family celebrated with birthday fairies,” Ajello says. “Your room was decorated, there was always a surprise and so this was a natural fit for me.” Ajello says the stay at home order that has come with the COVID pandemic has changed her business. “People are desperate to find ways to celebrate their loved ones,” she says. “We’ve gone from three to four yards a week to five to six a night.” Though, she admits, she’s exhausted—her service is almost completely booked through June—Ajello says she is grateful to play a little part in big celebrations. “I get excited sneaking around setting up the signs but my favorite part is on the rare occasion when I get to see [someone’s] reaction,” Ajello says. “People often start crying.” 

Fairy visits cost around $100 each, depending on the location and message. If you’d like to book a visit soon, do so ASAP;

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  1. This is terrific! What a clever way to celebrate special life moments!

    1. From the website, the phone number is 919-306-4827.

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