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You may not be able to go out and visit all your favorite local restaurants and stores but there’s one thing you can do: color them!

Owen Barr, a junior at Saint David’s School, and his father, Todd Barr, started Raleigh Colors, a free, printable online coloring book as a way for Raleighites to exercise their creativity while stuck inside during North Carolina’s stay at home order. Together they went out and took photographs of some of their favorite locales as well as of some iconic Raleigh spots. They then used Photoshop to turn the images into coloring pages. “It’s just a fun way for people to pass the time,” Owen says. 

Trophy Brewing Co. coloring page

Coloring pages include the giant chair outside of Snoopy’s Wake Forest Road location, the original Krispy Kreme neon sign at Person Street (pg. 78), the Color Pop Corner at Marbles Kids Museum and Ashley Christensen’s Poole’side Pies restaurant. 

Owen says he hopes colorers will support the businesses they’re coloring by ordering takeout from them—if they can—or buying a gift card and tagging the businesses with their social media handles written on each corner of the coloring pages. 

“We’re supporting people in Raleigh by giving them something fun to do as well as the businesses on the coloring pages,” says Owen. 

Todd and Owen Barr
Todd and Owen Barr

The homepage of the Raleigh Colors website also has a link for donating to the NC Restaurant Workers Relief Fund or Raleigh Rescue Mission in an effort to provide for those in need during this time.

Owen and his dad are in the process of photographing additional celebrated places around Raleigh to make into coloring pages. They’re also accepting submissions of either photos to make into coloring pages or coloring book pages that have already been made using Photoshop. 

Owen says the father-son duo plans to continue Raleigh Colors even after the stay at home order has been lifted. For now, Owen and Todd say they are hopeful the coloring pages will bring to mind great memories of some beloved Raleigh locations as we patiently wait for them to open their doors again.

Download the free, printable coloring pages at

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