Our July/August Issue Is Here!

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WEB EXCLUSIVE The July/August issue of Raleigh Magazine is on stands around town and will be delivered to your doors and mailboxes very soon! Here’s a quick look at some of the stories we’re featuring in this issue.

Less Frequent Flyers

With everything from sporting events to business conferences to weddings cancelled due to coronavirus, RDU International Airport has seen a drastic reduction in the number of travelers coming through. As a result, the airport has reduced its number of flights daily from 59 to 23 and is currently serving no international destinations. Though big capital improvement projects are on hold, restaurants and retailers in the airport are opening back up and travel is picking up again slightly. Get the numbers and forecasts from tourism experts and the RDU Airport Authority on the airport’s outlook for the short and long term.

In Need of Reform

The coronavirus shutdown shone a light on ways the restaurant industry leaves workers vulnerable to exploitation. Then, allegations of harassment and abuse at the popular Brewery Bhavana in downtown Raleigh shook up the city’s local culinary scene. We spoke with restaurant owners and others about how the food and beverage industry can help make the work experience better for employees going forward, from paying them a living wage, to giving them paid time off when they’re sick to keeping them safe from abuse on the job. Learn which Raleigh restaurants are already putting new, better systems in place.

Reflections On a Movement

Sometimes it’s been peaceful, sometimes painful, sometimes beautiful and sometimes violent. But there’s no denying, the last few weeks in Raleigh and the nation have brought on a reckoning—one that looks, at this moment, to promise lasting change. In a photo essay, we share thoughts and images from those who protested racial injustice and police brutality peacefully last month as well as the faces of those impacted by looting and destruction and the beauty and creativity that emerged in colorful murals on ply board panels all over downtown.

North Carolina Beach Sheet

Before you hit the Carolina coast this summer, use our beach cheat sheet to discover which beach fits in with your idea of a perfect summer getaway. We explore 17 of our favorite North Carolina beach towns and what each has to offer, from famous doughnuts to fireworks on the boardwalk to friendly seafood-focused restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing escape or a fun-filled family vacation, there’s an ideal North Carolina beach for you.

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