A Reply to Racism

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WEB EXCLUSIVE With the recent protests against racial inequality, injustice and police brutality across the country, it’s more important than ever to educate ourselves on the Black Lives Matter movement and to listen to black residents and people of color in our community who are speaking out.

"What to Do: Replying to Racism" Flyer
“What to Do: Replying to Racism” Flyer

In an effort to project these voices, Raleigh native Marshall Sandman has launched “What to Do: Replying to Racism,” a week of informative interviews with activists, startup owners, athletes, actors and more on his Instagram page. Sandman’s interviewees share their perspectives on the Black Lives Matter movement, the recent protests and related donation and educational resources.

Sandman previously hosted “Spilling the Quarantea,” a series interviewing chefs, actors, influencers, comedians, startup founders and other prominent people in Raleigh and beyond on how they optimized their time in quarantine. Following the country-wide protests, Sandman paused the series and launched “What to Do: Replying to Racism” in its place in order to gain insight on how we arrived at this moment in history and what we can do to move forward.

“While there is a lot of valuable information out there about ways to contribute and educate, my goal is to provide a number of options, make them digestible and help everyone who wants to be actively anti-racist take steps towards doing so,” Sandman said. “Through ‘What to Do: Responding to Racism,’ I’m hoping to listen, learn and advance the racial justice conversation as much as possible.”

Sandman’s “What to Do: Responding to Racism” will also raise funds for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, America’s premier legal organization fighting for racial justice. Find the link to donate here or on his Instagram profile.

“What to Do: Responding to Racism” will take place from June 5 to June 12 with the following schedule:

  • Friday, June 5: Dara Brown, a Cornell-educated lawyer, domestic violence activist and model 
  • Monday, June 8: Jordan Johnson-Hinds, actor and star of Amazon’s “Upload” and USA Network’s “Suits” 
  • Tuesday, June 9: Shelden Williams, former NBA and Duke basketball star and host of the podcast, “The Lease is Up”
  • Wednesday, June 10: Sherif Fouad, an Egyptian-born activist, CEO of Raleigh Raw and founder of Raw U, a community driven educational and spiritual program that challenges members to dig deep past cultural conditioning
  • Thursday, June 11: Christina Caradona, famed fashion influencer and creator of the blog Trop Rouge

You can find all interviews on Instagram at @whattodowithmarshall.

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