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WEB EXCLUSIVE Since the coronavirus broke out here in the U.S. in February, we’ve seen shortages of toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap and other common products we use regularly. Now, the country is facing a coin shortage since the COVID-19 economic shutdown slowed purchasing activity and greatly reduced the number of coins flowing through the economy.

In response to the shortage, Kroger stores have implemented a new policy in which they will not give change to customers who pay with cash. Instead, cashiers will offer shoppers the opportunity to round up their order total to the next dollar to be donated to the Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Foundation, a Kroger initiative that supports hunger relief efforts across underserved communities. 

Customers will also have the opportunity to pay with a credit card or have their change reloaded back onto their loyalty card, which they can then redeem on their next transaction. 

Harris Teeter, a Kroger subsidiary, is encouraging its cash-paying shoppers to round up their order totals for the grocery store’s Support Our Troops program, in which 100 percent of funds raised are donated to United Service Organizations (USO) locations local to Harris Teeter’s marketing areas. 

“The USO strengthens America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country throughout their service to the nation,” says Danna Robinson, Harris Teeter’s communications manager. 

This Harris Teeter coin Round Up campaign will last until July 28; then, Harris Teeter will select a new Round Up partner.

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