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WEB EXCLUSIVE Going out into the world looks a bit different nowadays. In the time of COVID, stores, restaurants, bars and other public-facing businesses are taking extra precautions to ensure all of their patrons—and employees—are kept as safe from the virus as possible, whether ensuring all staff members are equipped with masks and gloves or sanitizing equipment more thoroughly and regularly. 

At Killjoy, a newly opened cocktail and small plate lounge, the owners have gone the extra mile to ensure safety by stationing a digital scanner right outside the doors that takes each patron’s temperature and ensures they’re wearing a mask before they can enter. 

Guarav “G” Patel, a local entrepreneur and Killjoy partner, says that the state of the art technology ensures anyone who comes into the lounge is healthy, so as not to compromise anyone else in the building. “For us, being in the food and beverage space, we need to make sure we’re taking every necessary step in our power for the safety of our patrons,” Patel says. “It’s probably an overkill but we would rather have this in place than not.”

When a guest comes to Killjoy’s door, the scanner first checks their ID to make sure they’re of age, while logging them into their system. With this step–in case the staff needs to follow up on a COVID case in the building–there is a log of everyone who has entered.

The scanner then takes a digital scan of the guest’s face to determine whether or not they’re wearing a mask. If they are not, the scanner will tell the guest to put a face mask on; patrons can take their masks off once they are seated inside. Lastly, guests hold their wrist up to a non-contact infrared scanner that takes their temperatures. If a high fever is detected, the guest will not be allowed in. 

Patel says he feels the scanner isn’t intrusive and does away with the need for an employee to screen each guest. In the few weeks that Killjoy has been using the technology, Patel says patrons have responded positively, understanding that it’s for the betterment of everyone. “We all have to adapt to the way things will work,” Patel says. “This is not to invade anyone’s privacy, it’s to conduct business safely.”

Killjoy is open Wednesday through Saturday from 5 p.m. until midnight.

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