Buried Booty

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Avast ye, me hearties! There’s treasure hidden somewhere in downtown Raleigh and only the most knowledgeable pirates will be able to find it. Florida-based event planning company Scavengee has organized The Pirates Treasure Hunt to take Raleighites on a scavenger hunt through the city in their most creative pirate costumes.

Using smartphones, teams of two to six participants will be guided through a virtual board game to various sites where pirates will test scavenger hunters’ knowledge, powers of deduction and creativity. With each completed challenge, teams earn points and collect pieces of Cap’n Graybeard’s treasure map that leads to the secret location of the buried treasure.

Teams with the highest score, best costumes and most creative team name will win prizes. “The Pirates Treasure Hunt was created to help the community transition back to some level of normalcy, while also benefitting the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina,” said Scavengee creator Steve Tishman. “This entertaining experience blends components of a scavenger hunt with all of the adventure of a ‘who done it’ mystery adventure.”

The treasure hunt will take place on September 19 and costs $40 per team. Kids, teens and adults are encouraged to play along. To help maintain social distancing, there will be a three-hour start window for teams to begin the hunt anytime between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.; face masks are encouraged in public.

Purchase a team ticket at scavengee.com/product/the-pirates-treasure-hunt-raleigh.

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