A Pirate’s Life

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Megan Dohm

Curious about the history of the infamous colonial pirate Blackbeard, also known as Edward Teach? Subscribe to writer (and Raleigh Magazine contributor) Megan Dohm’s new series “Long Way Around,” which explores the legends and truths about Blackbeard from various angles, whether a tall tale told by an eccentric uncle or a scrap of paper found inside a 300-year-old cannon.

Dohm’s findings will be delivered in eight monthly installments on the final Friday of each month. The series started August 28 and will continue through March 26. “‘Long Way Around’ is a series that will explore this old world, tie it to the new world, and give each person involved a fair hearing,” Dohm says. “We will take big ideas and snarled threads of history and smooth them out, using curiosity as a compass and everyday language as a guide. No short-cuts.”

Subscribe to the series and read the first installment at longwayaroundseries.com/subscribe.

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