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Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce takes everything you thought you knew about traditional hot sauce and turns it on its head. The new sauce from Mike Rosado, a creative director at Raleigh-based brand design studio MRC, and Bobby McFarland, a chef and a culinary consultant for The Kitchen agency, blends tangy, sweet, salty, savory, smoky and herbaceous flavors with just a touch of heat into a concoction you’ll want to lather onto everything. 

“Hot sauce is limiting,” says McFarland. “By design, they’re mostly just giving you heat. To me, ‘adventure sauce’ says this is going to be more than just heat—it’s going to be an adventure.”

Rosado and his team at MRC created Burny Wild’s right before the pandemic hit in an experiment to craft a brand from scratch and a desire to create a versatile condiment sauce that could take any dish to the next level. 

“In the COVID era, where we don’t get to go out to great restaurants as much as before, it was important to make a sauce that was chef-made, giving homemade meals—quick or thoughtfully prepared—that restaurant-quality flavor,” Rosado says.

Unlike many hot sauces on the market, Burny Wild’s isn’t meant to be so hot that it hurts to have it in your mouth; Rosado calls it a “heat sauce.” McFarland balances hot yellow and chipotle peppers with steamed carrots, maple syrup, rosemary, charred onion and other unique ingredients to give the all-purpose sauce a complex flavor that delivers a kick of heat and takes your taste buds on an adventure. Drizzle it on eggs, dunk chicken nuggets in it or mix it into a stir fry—the options are endless.

McFarland says he drew inspiration for the ingredients for Burny Wild’s from the brand’s namesake character, Burny, who Rosado and his MRC team developed as a gruff and determined adventurer “traversing the globe in search of the perfect ingredients.” The recipe sends Burny to soy fermenteries for red miso in Japan, the great American North for maple syrup and to Peru for aji amarillo chili paste. The sauce is vegan and gluten-free.

Burny Wild’s Kickstarter campaign launches this month to support MRC in raising money for production so the team can share the signature adventure sauce with the rest of the world. Visit burnywilds.com to find the link to the campaign and join the mailing list, and follow the brand on Instagram @burnywilds and Facebook at facebook.com/burnywilds for more updates. 

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