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If you’ve upped your baking game during the pandemic, it may be time to go for the gold—build a holiday gingerbread house! And no, we’re not talking about the 10-dollar grocery store kit kind.

ABC11 morning anchor Barbara Gibbs started creating the holiday houses five years ago; she’s got a talent for gingerbread baking and building but says she still has much to learn. “I am truly a beginner, and there are wildly talented gingerbread artists and I admire them greatly, “ says Gibbs. She credits her success to “some crazy good gingerbread friends” and their tips, which she shared with us below.

  1. Use construction grade dough
    Instead of using traditional gingerbread dough recipes—which can be more fragile—there is a “construction grade” gingerbread dough that is perfect for building, but not for eating! It gets hard as a rock and will hold up when you want to make a sturdy piece. Google “construction grade gingerbread dough” and you’ll find various recipes online.
  2. Use clear, edible glue for a clean finish
    Using “Royal Icing” is the traditional way to glue gingerbread pieces together but it can be messy or very difficult to achieve a clean final product. Many gingerbread artists use a clear, edible alternative (as many competitions require ALL ingredients be edible). I am not at liberty to give the recipe (gingerbread experts are extremely proprietary) but I’m absolutely convinced googling ‘edible Tylose glue’ will find you various recipes online. (Tylose is a powder used to make sugar pastes).
  3. Make ginger friends
    For those interested in the world of gingerbread (and it’s a huge and fascinating one), there’s a Facebook group called “Gingerfriends.” Submit a request to join the group and you’ll see all kinds of conversations, photos, help, tips and discussions.

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