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Whiskey Wonderland

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Whiskey Kitchen takes holiday decorating to the next level with designer Antoine Pontón and local products.

Christmas looks a little different this year and in an effort to bring cheer to their diners, local restaurants are upping their decorating game. Special times require special care and the need to create a special experience is here.

This year, Whiskey Kitchen teamed up with designer Antoine Pontón to create its own version of a winter wonderland through ornate magnolia decorations. It’s not red ribbons, glitter balls and Santa Claus, but rather chocolate velvety browns and emerald greens representing the brand and feel of the restaurant.

“Brown velvet and brown whiskey warm you up for the holidays,” says Pontón, who has known co-owner Jeff Mickel for 15 years and felt that with this holiday season being unique, Whiskey Kitchen needed to do something different with its decorations. “I want people to come in and experience the moment. If you have to go out in a mask you might as well be smiling under the mask.”

Whiskey Kitchen Decorations

Twinkle lights wrap the 14 upside down “trees” hanging from the beams, consisting of 28 branches all hand-cut by Pontón himself.  “in the past they’ve always had a 9-foot upside down Christmas tree,” says Pontón. “i wanted to do a lot of Christmas trees and this is my interpretation of a southern magnolia Christmas tree. Why do one when you can do 14?”

Opposite the long bar lining half of Whiskey Kitchen’s space now sits a 12-foot logo of the restaurant adorned in garland made of magnolia leaves. The garland comes from Weston Farms, where founder and creative director Erin Weston strives to grow a luxurious product on her family farm.

Exactly 36 feet of specially cultivated magnolia garland now surrounds Whiskey Kitchen’s sign above the retractable garage door that opens the restaurant to a vibrant patio space. The natural colors of the garland combine with the wonder of the outdoors and the spirit of the holidays, welcoming diners to a festive dinner experience.

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