Ripe Revival Market Addresses Pandemic-Related Issues

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There’s a new produce box in town and this one has the meats (insert Arby’s jingle here) plus a solid goal of giving back to the community. Originally on a mission to launch high-protein gummies made from fruits and vegetables grown locally, Will Kornegay, a veteran of North Carolina’s agriculture industry, was forced to pivot due to the COVID-19 pandemic (sound familiar?).

And pivot he did… and well. Enter Ripe Revival Market, a grocery delivery service offering meats, dairy, and seasonal fruits and vegetables sourced from North Carolina farmers. And, yes, we know—the market is saturated with produce boxes. But that’s where Korengay’s innovative box gets to the “meat” of the matter—as he thought it was important to include meat because, after all, meat producers are important to the state’s agriculture industry too.

Not to mention: Kornegay’s Ripe Revival Market was born out of three pandemic-related challenges he thought were crucial to address: consumers who weren’t comfortable going into grocery stores; NC farmers and food distributors who were in need of new markets; and the increasing number of families that are experiencing food insecurity—a number that’s especially on the rise during this time.

“Community is a word we don’t take lightly,” Kornegay says. “We want to build unity through community, which is why we give back to families in need. And when you invest in your community, they invest back in you.”

When consumers buy Ripe Revival Market’s Community Supported Produce box, they receive a box of tasty but imperfect fruits and vegetables—an effort to reduce food waste—for themselves, while a second box is donated through the YMCA, the Boys & Girls Club, Redeemer Church and Down East Partnership for Children to a local family struggling with food insecurity. Additional boxes offered include meat boxes containing NC-sourced beef, pork and poultry; and a grocery box with local produce, meat, dairy, beverages and snacks.

“Our mission is reviving both people and produce for purpose, one fruit and vegetable at a time.” Betcha your neighborhood grocery store doesn’t have the same passion.

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