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Heavy Metal

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WEB EXCLUSIVE Junk + Innovation = Museumworthy Art

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as they say. Raleigh artist Amy Flynn takes that sentiment to a whole new level by turning waste materials from flea markets, junkyards, auctions and basements into one-of-a-kind “Fobot” sculptures—a combination of her passions for crafting, shopping and sustainability. Not too shabby, huh?

Each “Fobot” is made from unique pieces of scrap metal and junk that, while super-cool to look at, really make you think about how much waste humans produce (so much that artists can make literal sculptures out of it. Yikes.). 

Flynn and her “Fobots” have been selected to be featured in the Smithsonian Craft Show’s Craft Optimism online marketplace, a collab between the Smithsonian Women’s Committee and Honoring the Future, an organization dedicated to educating, empowering and engaging the public on climate change.

Each piece in the craft show was nominated and recognized as a “beautifully made [and] handcrafted” piece that either addresses climate change through action (in Flynn’s case, waste reduction), or reflects the impact of climate change, according to the Smithsonian Craft Show’s website. Proceeds from the virtual event support grants to the Smithsonian.

You can check out Flynn’s “Fobots,” along with other climate-conscious art pieces, from now until May 1 on the Smithsonian Craft Show’s website. And if you’re liking what you see, peep more of her unique “Fobots” on her website.

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