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WEB EXCLUSIVE Let’s Choose Love’s mini grants empower individuals to bring forth a world where love rules.

The world can always use more kindness, and local business owner Wendy B. White couldn’t agree more. Her passion project, Let’s Choose Love, grew from the realization that, in this odd time, we have the unique opportunity to reshape ourselves and the world around us. The movement is designed to challenge the way we think and inspire us to take action while spreading the love to those around us (#LoveRules). 

Let’s Choose Love was built on four main ideas: inclusivity, individuality, interconnectedness and community. In addition to creating a safe space to reshape our thought processes, the platform’s main goal is to fund small passion projects with mini grants that give back to a great cause.

We envision a world where love rules. Where people can boldly cross the lines that divide us and come together to envision a new world and a new way of being that works for all.”

So, what counts as a positive impact project? For starters, projects must be U.S.-based and can focus on any passion area, whether it be animals, children, fighting hunger, fostering the environment, etc.—as long as your aim is to help something or someone, you’re on the right track (projects must be for something, not against).

Individuals age 16 to 30 are encouraged to apply due to the financial and experience barriers that age group typically faces. Grants of $500, $750 or $1,000 come with a business consultant that volunteers their time to help you achieve your goal of fostering peace, joy, appreciation, passion and love in the world. So, essentially, as Reese Witherspoon once said, “You always gain by giving love.”

Let’s Choose Love’s first grant recipient, Tarpestry

Let’s Choose Love recently presented its first mini grant to Ted Swartzbaugh of NC-based outdoor company Tarpestry. With the money, Swartzbaugh plans to launch a Watauga River cleanup event that will result in healthy river systems. Let that love flow through the state!

Have an idea that’ll make a positive difference in your community? Let’s Choose Love’s mini grants are the first step in empowering to change the world. Submit an application, join the conversation (and get a free sticker!) and/or follow along.

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