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WEB EXCLUSIVE These Raleigh- and NC-based Facebook groups are perfect for connecting with locals who are crazy passionate about their niche.

If you’re passionate about something, chances are, there’s a Facebook group for it. Finding fellow lovers of niche hobbies and interests has never been easier, and there’s no shortage of NC-based Facebook groups! From pet lovers to stand-up paddleboarders to retro gamers, there’s a community for everyone. We’ve rounded up a few unique and fun local Facebook groups that are definitely worth joining, no matter what you’re into.

Raleigh Plant People

Photo courtesy of Raleigh Plant People on Facebook

Looking to cultivate and grow your plant knowledge? Join the flourishing Raleigh Plant People Facebook group. Originally started as a community of plant experts, this page has grown to include novice plant parents and seasoned botanists alike. With posts about outdoor gardening, plant-care tips, plant swaps and plant identification, this group is perfect for anyone who needs a little more greenery in their life!

[Official] Triangle Broth Enthusiasts

Photo courtesy of Christopher Lopez on Facebook

Soup is like a warm hug and who doesn’t want that kind of energy on their timeline?! Chicken noodle, gazpacho, split pea, clam chowder, pho, cold cucumber, gumbo—and the list goes on. … No matter the weather, this Facebook group serves up slurpable recipes, tasty soups from local restos, and some killer soup memes.

NC Snake Identification and Education

Everyone should join this group. Hear us out—this page is dedicated to correctly identifying the 37 different snake species found in North Carolina (six of which are venomous!). You’ll know which snakes to avoid and which to let roam free (nonvenomous snakes are extremely beneficial to our environment; they eat rodents and mice that might carry diseases and damage crops). But if they are venomous, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge of how to ID them and what to do.

Raleigh Craft Beer Friends

Photo courtesy of Anna Brescia

This page is full of photos of everyone’s favorite current brews, so crack open a cold one and share the love. Connect with fellow amber aficionados and IPA lovers to find the best breweries, beer spots and new releases in Raleigh. Plus, engage in a little friendly fire on topics like: “Is seltzer beer?” or “How many IPAs are too many for one brewery?” Let the debating commence!

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