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WEB EXCLUSIVE Campbell Law School’s new clinic is helping student athletes navigate contract agreements in light of new NCAA rules.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has changed the game for student athletes with their latest announcement that allows athletes to profit from the commercial use of their names, images or likeness (NIL). Throwing student athletes into the world of negotiations, contracts and deals is intimidating, and may leave many vulnerable and underrepresented. That’s where Campbell Law School comes in. 

In light of the NCAA’s decision, Campbell Law has launched a pro bono clinic, the Shipman & Wright Sports Law Clinic, to help students navigate the changing environment and the agreements with third parties they might have to engage in concerning the use of their NIL. Heading up the clinic, which will be available to 14 third-year students, is adjunct professor Gary Shipman. 

“The NCAA has left administration of NIL to its member institutions, which are suddenly faced with potentially conflicting requirements of their own sponsor contracts, alumni and boosters, and literally thousands of individual student athletes,” Shipman explained. This clinic is aimed at preventing students from being vulnerable; many students can’t afford to hire their own agent or attorney to represent their interests. With the clinic, all prospective clients will go through an eligibility screening and will then be assigned a student for representation under the supervision of a licensed attorney. 

“I am thrilled to be able to offer this unique and timely opportunity to our law students, as well as provide a much-needed service to student athletes,” says Campbell Dean J. Rich Leonard. “Our Sports Law Clinic will provide sound legal advice and analysis to this vulnerable population to assist them in realizing the value of their NIL property, while offering student attorneys the chance to develop important legal and practical skills.” Talk about a win-win situation for both athletes and student attorneys!

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