Cyril Berdugo and Tom Petit of Landis
Cyril Berdugo (left) and Tom Petit (right)

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In October 2021, Web Exclusive by Lauren Kruchten1 Comment

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WEB EXCLUSIVE Jay-Z- and Will Smith-backed real estate technology company Landis launches new program in 47 cities (including Raleigh!) to help Americans reach homeownership.

If you’re looking to buy a home in Raleigh—and with a leg up—as Jay-Z would say: “Public Service Announcement.” 

The iconic rapper and the equally epic Fresh Prince (aka Will Smith) have partnered together to fund social impact-driven real estate technology company Landis, which aims to help make purchasing a home more accessible, transparent and empowering. And answering Jay-Z’s own question of “Can I Live”—you can indeed. 

Enter Landis’ new program House to Home, which will allow all new Landis clients who enroll from now until Nov. 12 and move into a Landis-purchased home in one of 47 cities (Raleigh, Cary and Durham included as three of them!) by Dec. 31 to receive a $500 gift card to help turn their house into their dream home—just in time for the holidays. 

“Landis’ mission of helping renters transition into homeownership is through financial education of what it takes to qualify for a mortgage and coaching our clients all throughout their journey,” says Landis co-founder and co-CEO Cyril Berdugo. “The House to Home Program is a way for us to get the word out about our Homeownership Program and to give an extra incentive for our clients to be able to do something unexpected for their new homes.”

Berdugo’s father grew up in low-income housing and relied on government assistance for housing, so Landis’ mission to help aspiring homeowners to reach their dream of homeownership is very close to his heart. After he and co-founder Tom Petit met with hundreds of people in the housing industry, they realized that, while there are resources and programs out there to help buyers who are ready to get a mortgage now, there weren’t any to help those in need of a bit more time and guidance. So they created Landis to ease potential homeowners through that transition by buying them their home when they enter the program. 

“Homeownership is one of the most powerful ways to build intergenerational wealth,” says Berdugo. “My dream is that Landis can help everyone not only achieve the goal of homeownership but also to create financial stability and build wealth for themselves and their families for generations to come.” 

Being proponents of financial inclusion and economic empowerment, Landis’ purpose resonated with Jay-Z and Smith, and their teams, Berdugo adds. “We’re so glad to have them onboard.” … And, yeah, if nothing else their involvement in the initiative proves you def “can’t knock the hustle.”

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