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Stay warm this winter by sipping on some deliciously dark brews from our fave local breweries.

As the temps drop this winter, instead of reaching for a hot cocoa, spike things up with one of these decadent dark brews. (After all, that alcohol blanket really makes a difference…) This trio of local winter warmers is guaranteed to keep you toasty (or toasted!) through the cold.

Carolina Brewery

Looking for a beer to satisfy your sweet tooth? Pour out a pint of Carolina Brewery’s Chapel Hill Toffee Stout that puts everything you love about Chapel Hill Toffee in a pint. This dessert in a can is full of flavors of dark and milk chocolate combined with the sweetness of caramel. Cozy up with a pint this Valentine’s Day at a Carolina Brewery taproom!

Crank Arm Brewing Company

“After a long time on the tough trails, your wheel bearings can get super crunchy, but fear not, these Crunchy Bearings won’t let you down,” says Crank Arm co-owner Adam Eckhardt. An oatmeal milk stout, this silky smooth, berry-forward brew features Madagascar vanilla, raspberry and blackberry.

Crank Arm Brewing Company

Trophy Brewing Company

Trophy Brewing Company’s Milky Way Stout is ideal for keeping the winter chills away. This salted caramel stout is the perfect combo of sweet and salty—and is the perfect accompaniment to Trophy’s creative pizzas and snacks. Our fave pairing? The Milky Way Stout and Daredevil pizza. Sip on this beer at Trophy locations and State of Beer, or pick up a six-pack at the grocery store.

Trophy Brewing Company

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  1. For fresh and consistently fantastic beers, Bearded Bee is my favorite. I love the winners here as well, but BB is at a different level.

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