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Trusting Heart Blood Center Brings Elevated Donor Experience to Raleigh

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WEB EXCLUSIVE Combatting the statewide blood shortage or self-care day? Why not both?!

If the allure of orange juice and cookies just aren’t enough to get you to “B+” (be positive, get it?) about donating blood and rush to the nearest center, what if we added a self-care spa sesh feel to the mix?

Enter the new boujee blood donation experience that is Trusting Heart Blood Center, a spa-like blood center that opened in Raleigh this week in an attempt to help combat the statewide blood shortage while elevating the blood donor experience. Think donor suites complete with cozy chairs, snacks, free Wi-Fi, TVs, integrated entertainment systems—oh, and did we mention you also get paid? So… saving lives while you binge-watch Ted Lasso and make bills… clearly donor efforts not spent in vein.

“The ongoing availability of a safe platelet supply is absolutely essential to the U.S. health care system,” says Vijai Mohan, founder and CEO of Secure Transfusion Services. “Platelets are used in the delivery of care for some of the most complex and life-threatening conditions treated at hospitals—in surgery, trauma, transplant recipients, cancer patients and others.”

And the demand for blood platelets has only continued to surge as hospitals struggle to keep up with demand. As a matter of fact, the American Red Cross is currently facing its worst blood shortage in over a decade, thanks to the ongoing national blood crisis.

Doing its part in the effort to end the platelet supply shortage in the U.S., Trusting Heart Blood Center is implementing a community-focused approach by “partnering with local donors to improve access to life saving treatments in their communities,” says Mohan. 

He adds, “We are reimagining the typical platelet donor experience through our spa-like facilities, responsible compensation model, and friendly and professional staff, and we are thrilled to be able to partner with heroes in the Raleigh-Durham community who want to help deliver life-saving platelets to those in need.” 

Sounds like Trusting Heart Blood Center is just our type. Visit to learn how to donate now.

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