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Hannah Montana said it best: nobody’s perfect. Which is exactly what Raleigh local Chris Daniels is tapping into. After having the same realization Hannah Montana crooned about, the Ravenscroft and NC State alum developed his Complete Lifestyle brand—founded on the concept that “no one can be perfect, but we can all strive to become complete as people, which leads to someone becoming the best version of themselves.”

Bursting with motivational monikers and good vibes, Complete Lifestyle’s customized apparel is exactly the content we need right now, allowing “every body”—regardless of race, gender or age—to embrace who you are so you can go out and share that with the world. “I don’t want to be one set thing—where you have to fit into options,” says Daniels. “I want you to pick your own color, your own ink, your own phrase.” Daniels is also planning on releasing a Complete Lifestyle cologne, so you’ll be able to smell as good as you look.

And the complete entrepreneur isn’t stopping there. Beyond the apparel and cologne, his new self-help book, You’ve Got Next: How to Live a Complete Lifestyle and Leave a Legacy, just dropped, spreading the self-love by spotlighting, for example, how even Michael Jordan failed before he became the basketball legend we all revere today. Hence: “Hard work can lead to being complete,” says Daniels. If you need us we’ll be workin’ on being #best while perusing his pages in our new ’fit. Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble; @malecomplete

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  1. Great Job Chris, your Book is great. I am very Proud of You. Keep on doing great things

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