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Duke’s Mayo is opening its first-ever virtual restaurant in Raleigh.

As a Southerner, if Duke’s isn’t your favorite mayo, you’re wrong (*commence Duke’s vs. Hellmann’s debate*). And—get excited—because the beloved condiment is opening its first-ever virtual restaurant concept in Raleigh—dubbed Duke’s Sauce Shack (how fitting!)—on May 10. 

Available exclusively on DoorDash and Uber Eats across the Triangle through July, the menu—designed by Duke’s Mayo chef Mark Cates—ranges from crispy chicken sandwiches to tenders and nuggets to fries. But, naturally, it’s all about the sauce—with 14 different condiment selects from which to choose, including the brand’s classic and flavored mayos, as well as less heard of products like Duke’s Alabama white sauce, chipotle ranch dressing, hickory moonshine BBQ and more for your dipping, dunking or, ahem, slurping pleasure. (Hey, no shame in this game.) And you can—and should—feel free to mix, match or double up (or, heck, triple up!) your sauces to create your own fun sauce-centric experience.

“We wanted to be disruptive in raising awareness for some of our new products, and this virtual restaurant experience allows our fans to try Duke’s sauces in a super memorable and tasty way,” says Mayohem Brand Manager Rebecca Lupesco. 

And while you can find Duke’s at several kitchens across the Triangle (think atop AC’s chicken sandwiches at BB’s Crispy Chicken), at Duke’s Sauce Shack, the brand’s signature sauce will play a leading role versus a supporting one. “Building on the new ghost kitchen trend allows us to directly connect with customers, spotlighting our products in bold, Southern and fun ways,” adds Lupesco. Indeed, the sauce is the boss. Dip on! 

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