Don’t Gamble Your Vote

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Who you vote for matters more than ever.

This year, your vote matters more than ever in both local and state elections. Never before has there been more at stake—from rising local and state taxes to gun control to abortion rights. Never mind ongoing decisions about controversial topics like development, sports complexes, affordable housing, residential zoning, NC’s equivalent of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, marijuana and gambling legality, to name but a few. 

Translation—your vote counts… and if you don’t vote, not only do you not get your say, you can’t complain when the “it” issue doesn’t go your way. Next up, July 26—an election that usually sees abysmal turnout—for the second primary election (aka runoff election) including that hotly contested Wake County sheriff seat. Then, Nov. 8, for the general election, including mayor, city council, NC General Assembly, courts, district attorney, U.S. Senate and House, to name a few. See you at the ballot box.

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