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As National Chocolate Milkshake Day approaches Sept. 12, it’s time to shake things up with a quiz. Keep your cool and summon up all that sweet knowledge of the Triangle’s local scoop shops and milkshake connoisseurs to bring all the boys (and girls) to the yard…

1. Videri’s ice cream window… name a better summertime treat—we’ll wait. Which of these is one of the countries from which Videri sources cocoa nibs for its signature chocolate bars?

a. Tanzania

b. Taiwan

c. Vietnam

d. Columbia

2. MoJoe’s Burger Joint will have you flipping for more than just its freshly grilled patties. This Raleigh resto also spins up original, rich (and sometimes boozy!) shakes. What year did this (burger and) shake shack join the hoppin’ Glenwood South scene?

a. 2000

b. 2002

c. 1998 

d. 2008

3. “Love people. Love ice cream. In that order.” So goes the MO for Two Roosters, which features both fan-fave forever flavors and rotating themed flavors. One of its standard scoops features doughnuts from what local shop?

a. Tepuy Donuts

b. Daylight Donuts 

c. Bright Spot Donuts

d. Sola Coffee Cafe

4. Like ’em thick? Known for its dense and delectable handspun shakes (plus burgers and BBQ, natch), Cookout’s milkshakes are a must-have always—but especially late-night. About how many milkshake flavors are offered on this familiar fast-food joint’s menu to feed the crave?

a. 20

b. 40

c. 70

d. 100

5. Here’s the inside scoop: Howdy Homemade Ice Cream is on a mission to serve amazing ice cream while creating jobs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Outside the Triangle, in which additional North Carolina city can you find this ice cream chain?

a. Asheville

b. Wilmington

c. Greensboro

d. Charlotte

6. Talk about legen-dairy. NC State has an age-old tradition of allowing each chancellor to select a new ice cream flavor for its signature Howling Cow ice cream menu. What was Chancellor Randy Woodson’s pick?

a. Cherry Brick Road

b. Campfire Delight

c. Wolf Tracks

d. Peanut Butter Spin

7. Right down the road in Hillsborough, Maple View Farm offers the Triangle’s highest-quality farm-fresh milk and ice cream—plus milkshakes, of course. In what year did Maple View open its doors?

a. 1995

b. 2001

c. 2005

d. 2010

8. True to its name, FRESH Local Ice Cream handmakes its products fresh at each of its scoop shops. When FRESH is on the moo-ve in its ice cream truck, what color vehicle should potential patrons keep their eyes peeled for?

a. Hot pink

b. Purple

c. Sky blue

d. Lime green

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