Developer and entrepreneur Meka Knepley founded social live shopping mobile application and platform ReUp to allow shoppers to join the app and shop brands that support community.

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New app ReUp is dedicated to creating a fully inclusive way to online shop from small businesses.

“Add to cart” is no doubt de rigueur. But it’s not without its pitfalls—no reviews or photos, less than credible sellers, glitchy websites and even super-delayed shipping. If only there was a way to find a plethora of reviewed products with photos, videos and descriptions…

Enter ReUp, a new interactive TikTok-like live shopping platform designed to make the online experience easy and transparent. Created by renowned developer and entrepreneur Meka Knepley (who’s famously married to Epic Games principal programmer Pete Knepley, aka one of the creators of Fortnite Battle Royale!), the app is designed for users of all interests—from beauty to fashion to home decor and more.

Knepley got the idea for ReUp after frequenting Downtown retail and pop-ups to then discover finding those products outside of the occasional markets… well, the struggle was real. “Going to pop-ups in Downtown Raleigh, I became friends with vendors and saw their products, but could only buy them at pop-up events,” says Knepley. “I figured there had to be a better way for these vendors to sell, so I thought of ReUp.” 

Knepley’s goal with the innovative retail app is to create a shopping experience that is entirely inclusive and offers a large variety of products while curating your feed to what you want to see and shop. “I made sure that ReUp is all-inclusive—it represents businesses owned by LGBTQ+ members, women and minorities,” she says. “There’s also over 14 different categories of products, so there’s something out there for everyone.”

The market pioneer also hopes to give small businesses an opp to gain a following and sell products outside of physical boundaries by implementing “frictionless shopping”—meaning that purchasing a product is just one click away (!). 

“Every vendor can go live, and their followers can interact with them in real time and get a gauge on their products,” says Knepley. “The idea of going to the store is fading away, so ReUp allows you to interact when you can’t physically go to a store.” Translation? Retail therapy just got a whole lot easier. 

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