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Small-scale soccer game Binho is building a local (and global!) following.

Flex those fingers and get ready to flick some marbled-size balls. If you’ve spotted bargoers playing what looks like a mini tabletop game of soccer and wondered what on earth they could be doing, let us fill you in on what’s becoming one of the most popular board games on the market: Binho. 

“It’s so hard to describe, to be honest,” says Caroline Garrett, one of the founders of the Raleigh Binho League, alongside Steven Saad. “Basically, it’s a soccer-inspired tabletop game where you take turns flicking a ball across a little soccer field-style board. You play to seven goals—and it’s a pretty quick game that’s fun to do as a hanging out, drinking type of bar game.” 

Garrett started taking the game with her to bars to play with friends about a year ago. Fast-forward to today, and she’s collected a core group of locals who meet up on Monday nights to compete at My Way Tavern—with as many as 50 people showing up to get their flick on. Additionally, Binho boards can also be found in Raleigh staples such as The Davie, The Bridge and The Winchester Pub & Bottleshop.

“It’s been very heavy with the soccer group as just a fun little competitive meetup thing—and something to do at the bar other than drinking,” says Garrett. 

A U.S. brand founded in Phoenix in 2018, this mini soccer setup has become bigger than just a board game. Garnering global attention, Binho tournaments have taken place across the country, from LA to Phoenix to Oklahoma City—and even in Raleigh last January, bringing Binhoers from all over the U.S. 

Hosted at The Darby, the tourney was structured World Cup-style, with the best of three games advancing in the bracket to the next round. 

Now, with talks of another mini-tournament in the works, the Raleigh Binho League has some pretty big goals for the future. Can you flick it? @raleighbinho

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