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120 inspiring speaker talks. 24K cups of joe. 7K+ community members… the perf equation for infinite reasons to celebrate what has been 10 years since the ever-inspirational CreativeMornings Raleigh chapter was founded and hosted by Matt Tomasulo in 2012, followed by Taylor Medlin, Jonathan Opp and Vaishali Patel. Today, the “world’s largest face-to-face community” is hosted locally by Alysse Campbell and sees community creatives gather monthly in 225 cities across 67 countries worldwide for inspiring and empowering talks to galvanize entrepreneurs doing good work. To cheers 10 years, the local chapter held a 10-year anniversary bash at The Factory—and we fete their fine community impact by taking a look at some of our fave CreativeMorning words of wisdom.

“Stop following your dreams. … What I want you guys to do is develop your dreams. Build your dreams. Don’t follow them. Work on them.”

—Tobias Rose, principal and creative director, Kompleks Creative, @tobias_rose

“Money is a detail, not an excuse.”

Ashley Christensen, celebrity chef; owner, Ashley Christensen Restaurants, @ashley_christensen

“I encourage you to recalibrate and find that compass. Allow it to guide you toward your [younger 5- or 50-year-old version’s] dream.”

—Joshua Gunn, hip-hop artist; entrepreneur; community organizer; VP, Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce, @jgunnisbetter

“We think of roots as where we come from… but really roots are the things that connect us to something that then fills us up and makes us our best selves.”

Vivian Howard, author; chef; restaurant owner; storyteller; host, A Chef’s Life & Somewhere South, @chefandthef 

“There’s something to be said for… actually engaging with the community you want to benefit.”

Nick Neptune, director of outreach and community engagement, Dorothea Dix Park Conservancy, @nick.neptune

“So often we want to look for the answer outside of ourselves. We hope we can buy something or someone will tell us… the magic words we need to hear in order to be self-satisfied. But all of that is going to come from within ourselves and it all starts with the intention to be ourselves.”

—Jessamyn Stanley, internationally recognized yoga teacher; author; podcaster, Dear Jessamyn; advocate, @mynameisjessamyn

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