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The Triangle’s largest and most diverse ghost kitchen concept is set to open this month.

Let’s set the scene. It’s a Thursday night; the fam is hungry but no one wants to cook—and no one can agree on what to order. A meltdown seems imminent. Enter North Raleigh’s new Flavor District, a multicuisine ghost kitchen concept set to open Nov. 1 that’s sure to satisfy all cravings at once. 

First announced late last year, the Flavor District (located in the former Golden Corral on Capital Boulevard) is in its final stages of completion, with tenants starting to move in last month. Once open, those restos will operate out of both a shared commissary space and individual pod kitchens in what Flavor District President David Foye Jr. says is the largest ghost kitchen in the Triangle. Think: one place to order multiple cuisines online to pacify the whole crew’s myriad cravings. And, a game-changer in the ghost kitchen realm—you will have the option for pickup or delivery straight to your door. 

Slated to boast 13 restaurants comprising one of the most diverse cuisine collections in the Triangle, the new-age ghost kitchen will house the likes of Jamaican, pizza, Indian, BBQ, Mexican, salad, vegan, Cajun Creole, Venezuelan and Thai, including confirmed vendors Oink & Moo BBQ, Raleigh Tamales and Durham’s famed Boricua Soul restaurant. 

Many of the vendors are small operations, as Foye is adamant in filling the Flavor District with local businesses rather than chains—and, in fact, a majority of the vendor-owners live within a 10-mile radius of the shop. “It’s a ghost kitchen that operates with a lot of transparency,” he says. “There’s no mystery behind where your food is coming from.”

By operating out of the Flavor District, these concepts are “able to reduce the operating cost of a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant, allowing them to better compete with larger chains in the ever-competitive restaurant market,” explains Foye. 

So the next time you and your fam/crew are ordering in but can’t decide on one thing, well, consider your problem solved. Weeknight dinner meltdown, averted. Hope you’re hungry!

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