Don’t Sweat It

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Raleigh-based brothers perfect—and simplify—the backyard BBQ game.

There’s barbecue sauce, rub, marinades… now, enter Meat Sweats to your BBQ lineup—the first-ever ready-made BBQ spritz products, concocted right here in Raleigh (!). 

Taking the defeat-dry-meat DIY out of meat prepping is this brainchild of locally based brothers and co-founders Scott Chalkley and Adam Bell, who began getting piggy with it during the pandemic while digging into recipes for flavoring meats. “We just started experimenting with flavor profiles, cooking meat and sharing it with our family and friends,” says Chalkley.

Keeping things juicy, Meat Sweats offers three signature spritz flavors, from flagship spray Hog Wash to beef and brisket spray Bull Spritz to sweet-heat spray Bird Bath—all of which help keep your meat moist with the bonus of the smoky bark of your dreams. 

And not resting on their pork buns, these BBQing brothers have plans to cook up even more for their meaty business, with a wild game spray in the works and a seafood spritz set to launch as soon as this winter. As backyard barbecue people themselves, Chalkley and Bell believe their Meat Sweats lineup helps take the sweat out of the smoke—read: less time slaving away in the kitchen, bonus quality time around the smoker with the fam. 

“Barbecue brings everybody together,” says Bell. “You see people sitting down, eating and talking. I don’t think BBQ will solve the world’s problems, but it’s a pretty good start.” Well done, indeed.

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