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Make traveling through RDU a breeze with these tips and tricks.

’Tis the season for holiday travel! Whether you’re flocking to your parents’ house or escaping the cold for a sunny retreat (hey, American Airlines’ recently launched nonstop service to Cancun and JetBlue’s returning direct route beginning Dec. 24!), you’re gonna wanna make sure you’re equipped with the most up-to-date stress-reducing hacks for traveling through RDU Airport. Here’s to safe—and happy—travels!

Park It

Perhaps the most stressful part of flying through RDU takes place before you even get into the airport. Yep, we’re talking parking. Though RDU is small compared to other airports, there never seems to be enough parking for travelers. To head off some of the stress that comes with pulling up on a full RDU Central deck, you can reserve your spot online before you get to the airport via ParkRDU’s online pre-booking option. Choose your date, time and location—only caveat is you have to book at least 24 hours in advance. And ICYMI, RDU recently reopened its Economy 4 parking lot, located on International Drive between Lumley Road and John Brantley Boulevard. More parking ops at RDU? Now that’s what we really wanted for Christmas. 

Don’t Delay

Flight cancellations and delays became the norm at airports across the country this summer, with RDU ranking the No. 4 worst airport in the U.S. for summer cancellations. While some instances are inevitable, ward off the worry this holiday season by booking the earliest flight of the day to help avoid delays, as many are caused by aircrafts arriving late from their previous destination. So, maybe that 4am flight is worth it.

Direct Is Best

If you have the option to fly direct—do it. Layovers have the potential to result in a The Terminal situation if your second flight is delayed or if your first flight arrives after the second plane has already taken off. And no one wants to be stuck sleeping in an airport. Another pro tip: Choose an airline that offers multiple flights a day so that if you do need to rebook you have more (timely!) options.

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