Color Crave: Teal

No longer known for its association with 80’s office furniture, teal is big for 2016.  Teal can be tricky, though, falling somewhere between green and blue, but it’s both beautiful and unique.

A dynamic color that makes any furniture or accessory a bold statement piece, pair it well with deep purples, dark wood and grays; don’t be afraid to show it off!

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“It has a rich depth to it that works well with neutrals, blacks and bright colors.”

  Betty Nelson, Eatman’s Carpets

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“Tidewater captures the tranquil feel you get from a spa or visiting the beach. In working with a palette of blues, grays, greens and neutrals, Tidewater is perfect in achieving a calm and serene setting. Coral colors also pair well with Tidewater for a more energetic feel in a room.”

  Linda Boylan, interior designer for Peri Nicole Interiors

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“Amy Howard High Performance Furniture Spray Lacquer in “Belize” is a beautiful, soft teal that goes on smooth as silk with a fantastic glossy finish—just one of many awesome colors that will update any tired lamp or chandelier. It works great on furniture too!”

  Laurie Ledbetter, Owner of Affordable Chic

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“Color is the most basic way to update a traditional room; combine this teal with a chic gray for an updated crisp feel.” 

  Designer Tula Summerford

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“Teal Zeal is wonderfully versatile and can look playful or sophisticated depending on what you pair it with. Mix this bold hue with pops of fuchsia or nectarine orange for a modern look, or combine it with a rich espresso and shades of cream for an elegant interior.”

— Elizabeth Burns, Elizabeth Burns Designs

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